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Hey would you mind checking out my redbubble account? My Sherlock watercolour painting is on sale.

sherlock/johnlock fanart (mostly) to cheer you up

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Doodled Ari and Dante because they always make me feel better

The Mayfly Man is here today!


Andrew Scott at London Collections: Men AW 2014 [x]


Ballet/punk/tattoolock with also undercut, cigarette and leather jacket so basically kill me dead

(some of the tattoos are taken/inspired by msaether's tattoolock design, others are mine)


Congrats on the 7 emmy wins, Team Sherlock! :)))

I had a 5-year plan. When I came out here to act I was like “I’ll give it 5 years and if that doesn’t work out I’ll go to nursing school.” I still some times wonder if I made the right decision.

Once you get this you have to list five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers. :D

1. I can play the piano and I like my voice, those two are cool.

2. I like my teeth I guess…

3. I like the fact that I’m not a fanatic but a fan (trivia: those two words have different origins if you’re wondering)

4. How do you do this without sounding like you’re full of yourself I’m uncomfortable aaagh

5. I like my music taste, everyone loves their music taste but that’s still a thing I like about myself so


Benedict and his slurpee at SDCC.

or whatever that is